Game Plan for Backgammon in Casinos

Backgammon, which has its roots in Turkey, is widely played in the Middle East. This strategy guide should help you have more fun playing Backgammon, whether you’re playing for fun or for real money at online casinos.

Master the Backgammon variants.

The rules of Backgammon might vary greatly from one casino to the next. There are, however, reliable sets of rules that can be used to affect the result of your game and increase your chances of victory. Many Backgammon players across the world employ the following set of discretionary rules:


Constantly doubling

Experienced backgammon gamblers will enjoy the doubling cube. When playing Backgammon, the stakes are doubled if the first roll results in a tie. The doubling cube is rotated such that it now has two faces and remains in the board’s center. In most cases, players will only use one automatic double every game.


When you play Backgammon in an online casino, you’ll find this option in the pre-game settings menu. If you want to double the ante in a game of Backgammon, you can double the bet at any time.


The usual score multiplier for this game is 64. However, it almost never rises above four. The score will be multiplied by the doubling cube number if automatic doubling is turned on. This alternative makes the game of Backgammon much more interesting and strategic.


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When doubling is available, you can double again right away, known as a “beaver,” and still keep your cube.


Jacoby’s Principle

You only get one point for playing both gammon and backgammon. This is due to the fact that doubling down is disabled during play. The game time can be cut short by using this rule.


When playing Backgammon for real money at online casinos, you can also use these methods to improve your chances of winning:


In Backgammon, you should always fortify your checkers by keeping them stacked in pairs.

Keep in mind that your checkers are vulnerable if you leave only one on a point and your opponent can knock it off. Don’t take your gaze off the whiteboard at any time!

Try to eliminate as many of your opponent’s Backgammon checkers as you can. Two checkers in a square allows you to expand your home base in the board game Backgammon. If you do this, your opponent will have a harder time regaining their footing after being knocked out.

Take out your opponent as they try to return to their own end of the Backgammon board.

The game of backgammon has been played for almost 5,000 years, and throughout that time many great players have come and gone. With this foundational knowledge, it is your time to roll the dice and attempt to remove your opponent’s checkers from the Backgammon board. You may play Backgammon for free or for real money at a variety of online casinos. See for yourself what makes this board game so enjoyable to play.